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VIDEO: Phil Mickelson Hits A Shot Into A Fan's Shorts

This is like something out of Happy Gilmore. Phil Mickelson's tee shot on No. 15 during Saturday's third round of the Northern Trust Open was way left, never even sniffing the fairway. But after a quick hop off a nearby tree, it landed in just about the most amazing place possible.

Watching the video, Mickelson's drive never actually has a chance -- it was off to the left from the start. But from the overhead shot, the ball can be seen bouncing back toward the gallery. As it comes to a stop, a fan can be seen lying down near the ropes -- almost looking like he was injured.

Except the fan was trying to lay perfectly still because of where the ball landed. It was actually inside his shorts.

A funny moment ensues as Mickelson finds his ball, then tries to figure out what's next. With a rule official in tow, he marks the spot nearest to the ball -- again, still in the fan's shorts -- then retrieves the errant shot for a free drop.

Pretty amazing shot, even if it wasn't intended.