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The Masters 2012, Champions Dinner: Charl Schwartzel Serving Various Meats

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More than any other golf tournament, the Masters is defined by its traditions, with one of the most notable being the Champions Dinner.

Started by Ben Hogan in the 1950s, it's a dinner at which all of the previous Masters winners in the field come together on the Tuesday before the first round, with last year's champion determining the meal.

Charl Schwartzel, last year's champion, has requested that each player cook his own meat, but the tournament has given no indication that they will honor that request.

The South African is planning a meal from his country called a braai, a traditional meal made up of grilled meats, lamb chops, steak and African sausages.

In previous years, Phil Mickelson has chosen paella, barbecued ribs and lobster, while Tiger Woods -- who has had many opportunities to showcase his culinary interests, thanks to four Masters wins -- has gone with quesadillas, steak, sushi and cheeseburgers.

In popular culture, the Champions Dinner might be most famous for Fuzzy Zoeller's comment to Woods that he should not to serve collard greens and fried chicken following Woods' 1997 victory at Augusta, which made became the first African-American to win the tournament.