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My Dog Ate My Masters Tickets

You'd like to go to the Masters, right? You'd probably be pretty excited if you won tickets in a lottery to attend a practice round. But how badly would you say you'd want to go? Like, if your dog ate the tickets, would you be willing to get your dog to barf them up and then re-assemble them? Because that's where we're headed.

Yes, a Seattle resident named Russ Berkman called into "Mitch in the Morning" on Sports Radio KJR on Tuesday to relate the harrowing tale. He had entered a lottery to be able to purchase tickets to a practice round at Augusta and his name came up. After receiving the tickets, he returned home from a trip to the store to find that his dog had eaten said tickets.

After realizing that getting the dog to puke up the tickets was his only chance of still attending the Masters (plan B was vetoed, I guess), Russ gave his dog a water-and-hydrogen-peroxide mixture and it was game on, so to speak. Russ cobbled the pieces of the tickets together as best he could, took a picture and got in contact with the people at Augusta. They told him they would issue him some new tickets, so he'll be attending tomorrow's practice round after all.

I will have to check dogpuke.xls, but I'm pretty sure these are the greatest lengths anyone has ever gone to in order to watch a practice round of golf. I hope Berman enjoys his trip, because Lord only knows what that dog is going to eat while he's in Georgia.

(H/T to USA Today and Devil Ball)

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