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VIDEO: Henrik Stenson's 18th Hole At The Masters Was Memorable

Henrik Stenson made history to close out his first round, but not the kind he was hoping for. At 5-under through 17 holes, Stenson was in a good spot as he approached the clubhouse. A good spot, at least, until he carded a dreaded snowman on No. 18.

You might be wondering how this all happened, after you stop laughing of course. Stenson's tee shot set the wheels in motion, and his hot head got the best of them shortly thereafter. It was bad -- almost painful to watch.

The shot-by-shot recap:

His drive just wasn't even close, with zero chance of finding the fairway. Stenson tried to play it safe and smart with his second shot, but his pitch out fell short of where he intended. His third shot triggered the complete meltdown, as he skulled the ball out of the pinestraw, advancing it but leaving himself in a difficult spot.

After throwing his club around a bit, Stenson airmailed his approach, leaving a delicate pitch back to the hole. That pitch was short, landing on the fringe and leaving a difficult downhill put for double-bogey. The putt was wide left, and the three-footer coming back was also off the mark.

But hey, he drained his third putt for an eight -- tying the worst score on No. 18 in Masters history. And he made a snowman. That's gotta count for something, right?

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