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VIDEO: Bubba Watson Hits Poor Tee Shot, Isn't Even Mad

If you don't like Bubba Watson, may we ask what's wrong with you? Even if you're not a golf fan, Watson is a reason to pay attention to the game. He uses a driver with a pink shaft -- in fact, he upgraded and the driver head is now pink. He's country as heck, drives the General Lee and makes fashion statements on the golf course.

Oh, he also hits the living heck out of the ball. The lefty just doesn't care and will swing away no matter the occasion. While some players go the safe route, Watson would rather get out his pink driver and hit the ball as hard as he can.

And when he misses, he doesn't seem to get mad. That "aw, shucks" demeanor is kind of endearing.

That's Watson missing the fairway by a mile. The only reaction? "Aw, shoot ... killed it, though."

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