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Tiger Woods Drops Club, Boots It Back To His Golf Bag

Tiger Woods still has two and a half holes to play, but we already have enough material to put together a spectacular B-roll of his shortcomings on Friday at The Masters. Things are about as bad as can be for Woods, who still can't seem to figure out his golf swing. And at this point, it's got to be as much mental as it is physical.

Woods is angry, and has been for quite a few holes. He's been yelling up a storm, cursing himself and just generally hating his life. By the time he got to 16, after making a mess of the par-5 15th, Woods was ready to explode.

And explode he did, playing a little soccer on the tee box.

First the video:

And now the GIF:


And there's his whole day in one tidy GIF. We think he'll make the cut -- he's a couple shots clear -- but nothing is certain at this point.

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