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VIDEO: Tiger Woods' Masters Blooper Reel, Featuring Cussin' And A Failhorn

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Tiger Woods hit enough bad shots, leading to enough angry moments, that we were able to put together a low-light reel of his round. And really, most of Tiger's round was a low-light -- a few good holes early followed by a whole lot of bad holes. From the fourth hole on, Tiger was the old Tiger -- not the dominant one, but the one that couldn't hit a golf shot to save his life.

So he got angry. Then he got even more angry. And then his frustrations boiled over and he started playing soccer with a 9-iron. Finally, he just hung his head in shame, accepting his fate and realizing the day was lost.

For the second straight day Tiger was forced to scramble throughout his round. Poor tee shots or poor approaches -- or both! -- put him in difficult spots throughout the day. It's enough to drive even the most carefree man insane.

And Tiger, as we've seen before, isn't exactly a relaxed player. But please, spare the lectures about disrespecting Augusta National. Not after Henrik Stenson tried to hammer his way through the pinestraw on 18 during the first round and not after countless other golfers have cussed up a storm already. He got angry and showed his emotions. It was good TV, though painful to watch, and a human moment.

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