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British Open 2012: Tiger Woods Calls Royal Lytham Roughs 'Almost Unplayable'

Tiger Woods is a huge fan of the site of the 2012 British Open, Royal Lytham, according to The Guardian. But the rainiest summer "in living memory" has made missing the fairway a terrifying proposition for even the world's former most-feared golfer.

"Oh my God," was the instant Woods reaction when asked about the rough. "In some places it is almost unplayable."


"If it's calm, we can shoot some good scores," he continued. "If it's wet, lush, you've got to be more aggressive. Have to see how it's playing. Some years it's fast and some it's not. The two years I played it was quick. The ball was travelling quite a bit. They've made a few changes in tee boxes, lengthened a few holes but most of the bunker adjustments were made the last time."

Woods played a practice round Sunday because the forecast calls for some heavy rains Monday through Wednesday, meaning he might not get another chance to play before the Open. The tournament sounds like it will be loads of fun for golfers like Woods who have struggled to hit fairways consistently in majors.

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