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VIDEO: Ernie Els Blows Off Canada, Praises Nelson Mandela In Speech After Winning 2012 British Open

One of the few things better than Ernie Els's great comeback at the 2012 British Open in Sunday's final round was the meaty chunk of his speech shortly after winning. During said speech, he went from making the crowd chuckle at Canada's expense to giving praise to Nelson Mandela for uniting his native South Africa as quick as a wink.

Els on Canada, sort of:

I want to try and come and see (my family in London) this evening. I was supposed to go to Canada, but I think I'm going to blow that thing off. I'll have to come see you guys, and maybe get to Canada on Tuesday.

Els was referring to the RBC Canadian Open, which begins Thursday in Ancaster, Ontario.

He immediately went on to thank Mandela.

"I've got to thank, obviously, first of all, you know, President Mandela, who's been such a great influence in our country. We have been truly blessed to have a man like President Mandela take us through a very difficult time in our country. And everybody now, we can see the success of the country, now, and it's only because of President Mandela.

Comments like those are part of what has made Els one of the most beloved golfers in the world.

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