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2012 PGA Championship: Weather Delay May Last A While

The 2012 PGA Championship is under a weather suspension and for good reason. Midway through the second round, with the final pairing just about to make the turn, the clouds rolled in. And boy do they look menacing.

Here's a view of the course right now:


We could be here for a while, waiting for the weather to pass. Throughout the week, the weather has been less than kind to the year's final major and the players competing for the title. Winds have been ridiculous, leading to higher scores and more ridiculous conditions.

But this ... well, this doesn't look good. Those clouds look like something out of a horror film, leading me to believe they're packing a serious punch. Now is probably a good time for everyone to take cover.

It's still unknown when the round will resume. If need be, players may have to finish their third rounds on Sunday morning, making for a long day. But we're still a ways away from seriously considering that topic.

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