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2012 PGA Championship Purse: Prize Money Breakdown For This Week's Event

Edit: Rory McIlroy wins: Breakdown of the prize money.

With an $8 million purse, the PGA Championship is one of the richest golf tournaments of the 2012 season, ranking up there with the other three majors. The winner of the PGA Championship will become an instant millionaire, taking home just over $1.44 million as well as a nifty trophy. Not bad for less than a week's worth of work.

The rest of the field will also be vying for significant money. Each of the players in the top 5 will pocket over $320,000 and 18 spots are worth six figures.

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Here is the partial breakdown of the prize money. A full list can be found here.

First place: $1,445,000
Second place: $865,000
Third place: $545,000
Fourth place: $385,000
Fifth place: $320,000
Sixth place: $288,000
Seventh place: $259,000
Eighth place: $235,000
Ninth place: $214,000
10th place: $196,000
11th place: $180,000
12th place: $165,500
13th place: $152,000
14th place: $140,000
15th place: $130,500
16th place: $121,500
17th place: $113,500
18th place: $106,500
19th place: $99,500
20th place: $93,000

In the event of a tie -- and there's always ties -- the prize money is pooled and dispersed. For example, if there's a four-way tie for second, the second-, third-, fourth- and fifth-place prizes are combined, then divided by four. Each player then takes home their share of that money.

We'll be back with a breakdown of what each player won as soon as the tournament concludes.

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