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Rory McIlroy Agrees He’s The 'Greatest Golfer In The World'

In town for a training session with the New York Knicks, Rory McIlroy dropped in on Jimmy Fallon for a "Late Night" chat about, you know, how he’s kicking Tiger Woods’ butt, looking forward to cashing the $10 million FedEx Cup check a week from Sunday, and enjoying being the hottest player on the planet. "So would I," the world No. 1 responded to Fallon’s fawning, "You are the greatest golfer in the world, I would say" compliment.

Check out the video-within-the-video of a 3-year-old Rory taking a divot out of the McIlroy family carpet -- a la a certain older gent, who showed the world his golfing talents at about the same age. McIlroy also observes that besting his new best pal on the golf course "might be weird for [Woods]; I think it’s great."

Oh, and count the winner of back-to-back FedEx Cup events among the scores of golf fans who have no idea how the playoff points system works,.

"I think the points are worth five times more than in the regular season," offered McIlroy, who certainly understood the ramifications of hitting the jackpot.

"Cha-Ching," said a grinning Rory Mac.