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Tiger Woods makes turn at Farmers Insurance Open with 6-shot lead

The wildness off the tee continues for Tiger Woods, but his scrambling to save par has kept the rest of the field at a comfortable distance.


The final round of the 2013 Farmers Insurance Open has resumed at Torrey Pines, and no one in the field has been able to push runaway leader Tiger Woods. There were plenty of concerned golf writers on Sunday night when Woods opted not to wear his Sunday red for the start of the fourth round, but he clarified after the day that he would be wearing the traditional "final day" red on Monday. And despite some initial wildness off the tee, nothing has changed at the start of Monday's play that would prevent Woods from hoisting his 75th tournament trophy in that red.

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Tiger started on the eighth hole, which is a par-3 so there was about a 15-minute wait until he hit his first shot of the day. Woods pulled 8-iron from 179 yards out, and took aim right at the flagstick. His ball landed on a lower tier, but he was sure to avoid jail behind the green. He lagged his putt just on the low side of the hole and tapped in for an easy par to begin the day.

On the ninth tee, however, someone got under Tiger's skin -- most likely with a snapping camera -- and forced him to back off his ball. He walked back his bag before re-addressing on the tee. The brief contretemps clearly distracted Woods, who then rocketed his drive completely off the course to the right. It landed in what appeared to be a concession tent area, behind a temporary fence. PGA Tour official Mark Russell was on the scene and Woods did get relief.

Tiger hit a low cut shot through a tunnel of spectators and back out onto the fairway, allowing for birdie on the par-5 to stay in play. He had 88 yards left to the pin, a distance that he's been near perfect from with his wedges all week. His approach shot was almost too accurate, however, as the ball nicked the flagstick, altering the spin and sending it back to the front of the green. He just missed his birdie putt, but for the second straight hole, tapped in for par. Woods will consider par a disappointment on the relatively easy par-5.

The struggles off the tee continued on Tiger's third hole of the day, but this time it was a miss left. Woods sent one into the fairway bunker lining the left side of the 10th fairway -- it was the eighth fairway in 10 holes that he missed off the tee. But once again, Tiger blasted out of the fairway bunker to get on the front of the green, where he two-putted for another easy par.

At the start of the day, the two primary chasers of Woods were Brandt Snedeker and Nick Watney. Both have accomplished resumes compared to the rest of the leaderboard, but closing a six-shot deficit to Tiger Woods is an almost impossible task. Snedeker, who had only five holes left, quickly dropped a shot with a bogey on the 15th hole and finished at 10-under. Watney momentarily cut the lead to just five shots when he rolled in a birdie putt on the par-5 ninth. But he gave it right back with a bogey on the next hole and the lead was once again six shots.

Ideally, Woods would like to close it in convincing fashion, finishing with a low number on the inward nine and starting the season with a dominant double-digit win. But three steady pars have been more than enough to keep his stranglehold on the lead at 17-under.

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