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Jason Dufner cracks up Chad Campbell with premature putt at Franklin Templeton Shootout

Jason Dufner gets a tad too handsy over a putt on the ninth green at Tiburon Golf Club in Naples, Fla., during Sunday’s Franklin Templeton Shootout finale but the results are pretty funny.

Jason Dufner has provided any number of intentional and otherwise humorous moments for golf fans and PGA Tour peers over the past several months, but on Sunday he had one of his Franklin Templeton Shootout playing partners in stitches after his most recent "Dufnerism."

Dufner, teamed with Dustin Johnson in the modified alternate-shot exhibition, lets DJ clean up the hole after his putting mishap that Chad Campbell (playing with Mark Calcavecchia) found rather hilarious.

We know these guys are athletes, but Dufner’s hand-eye coordination on that fungo he smacked with his flat stick was pretty darn impressive.

The Dufner/DJ duo finished in 11th place, leaving the cellar for Campbell and Calcavecchia. Not to worry, though; even after coming in 19 shots back of winners Harris English and Matt Kuchar, the each member of the last-place team pocketed a cool $72,500 -- and had a front-row seat to the Jason Dufner Comedy Tour. Here in the frozen tundra of the northeast, we can think of worse ways to  spend a few days in the so-called off-season.

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