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Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf cart is no April Fools’ joke

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Bubba Watson brings hovercraft technology to the golf course.

David Cannon

Bubba Watson may be the reigning Masters champion but something tells us that, along with those “describe that incredible hooking golf shot” requests, he’ll field a few queries about his new hovercraft golf cart when he meets the press next week in Augusta.

Because this little gizmo, which skims across water and sand and leaves no spike marks on the green, is about the whiz-bangiest gadgets ever to traverse a golf course.

(golf clap/Devil Ball Golf)

The “BW1” is the product of actual hovercraft experts and could have golfers and non-golfers flocking to the game just to take a spin in the vehicle that, unlike a human foot, leaves “absolutely no trace” on your course's immaculate putting surfaces.

For sure, Bubba’s new toy leaves everyday ride-in golf conveyances in the dust -- which the hover cart most probably does not kick up.

“You’ve got to stay 30 yards from the green, you’ve got to stay on the cart path when it’s raining,” Bubba says. “But let’s have fun. Let’s go through the water hazard, come off the other side by the green, putt your ball in the hole, and then you can drive back across the water hazard.

“Who doesn’t want to do that?” Bubba wants to know.

Who, indeed?

The Bubba Golf-Team Oakley trolley is not the first hovercraft contraption to make an appearance this season, by the way. Golf Channel tested a flying camera apparatus at Bay Hill prior to the Arnold Palmer Invitational last month.