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Bubba Watson's Masters Champions Dinner Menu is disappointingly tame

After all the mystery and speculation, the defending Masters champion served a pretty basic American meal on Tuesday night at Augusta National Golf Club.


All the secrecy simply for a Caesar salad, grilled chicken breast, and confetti cake? Bubba Watson, for no other reason than he's Bubba, guarded the menu items of his Champions Dinner menu all month, refusing to let out any details of what he would serve his fellow Masters winners at the annual Tuesday night event. It's the most private of Masters gatherings, but in the age of Twitter, what these guys had for dinner was too important not to eventually get out.

There was rampant speculation that it would be something wild and off-the-wall, perhaps even alligator? But it was Bubba himself who sent out a picture of the standard fare menu, but not before a little spoiler from Nick Faldo:

Given that it's Faldo, one would think that #HappyMeal hashtag is used pejoratively. Here's a picture of the official menu from Bubba:

That's a traditional Caesar salad to start, followed by grilled chicken breast accompanied by green beans, corn, mashed potatoes, and mac 'n cheese.

So Bubba started his day in the clubhouse by sobbing at an emotional press conference, and ended it with confetti cake and vanilla ice cream. Dustin Johnson must have been disappointed.

Also: Here's a really cool infographic on the Champions Dinner menus from the past 20 years.

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