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Jason Dufner appears to have something in his bottom lip

This doesn't look anatomically correct.

Jason Dufner is facing perhaps the most pressure-packed and nervy 36-hole stretch of his career. Dufner admitted on Friday night that he was a bit nervous standing over his final two birdie putts, knowing he needed just one to drop in order to set the majors scoring record. He's also a player who has led this PGA Championship before, but gave a five-shot margin away in four holes to eventually lose in a playoff to Keegan Bradley in 2011.

With that past slip-up and his own admission last night, things have to be a little tense for the Duf at the start on Saturday. So how's he dealing with it? By apparently putting an entire tin in his bottom lip:


It led to a funny exchange between Nick Faldo and Ian Baker-Finch, who giggled out "He's got it loaded it up today!" An Englishman and an Aussie trying to make sense of an Auburn man and his vices was quite entertaining.

War Eagle!

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