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Jason Dufner bums out Keegan Bradley with Howard Stern Show appearance

The Wanamaker Trophy holds 43 beers and nobody likes Rory Sabbatini, Jason Dufner tells Howard Stern.

Andrew Redington

Jason Dufner may have lost the PGA Championship to Keegan Bradley back in 2011, but one of the spoils Duf earned with his PGA victory Sunday at Oak Hill more than made up for his painful playoff loss to his good buddy.

Dufner, thanks to his two-shot win over Jim Furyk, and to several spectators taking their post-shot "Baba Booey" screams to new levels of obnoxiousness, landed a spot on the Howard Stern Show on Tuesday.

Bradley, an enormous fan of the The King of All Media, was one of the first recipients of Ian Poulter’s favorite cheer that has become a staple of numbskulls everywhere on the PGA Tour and was totally bummed that Dufner got to sit down with Stern before he did.

Dufner, known for his stoic demeanor whether he’s blown the lead at the Atlanta Athletic Club or pumped in a tourney-winning putt in Rochester, was making the standard media rounds after capturing his first major title. The 36-year-old Auburn grad told Stern, whose executive producer’s nickname is Baba Booey, that he was fine with fans yelling such inanities and suggested that its namesake, Gary Dell’Abate, appear at The Barclays for next week’s kickoff to the FedEx Cup playoff series.

"What we need to do is have Baba Booey go to Jersey City next week [for The Barclays], and do it there," Dufner said on the show, according to’s Stephen Hennessey.

Among other revelations from the "Dufnering" man himself was the little-known factoid that the Wanamaker Trophy holds 43 beers and the universally acknowledged opinion that Rory Sabbatini was the least liked golfer on tour and fortunate to make his living in a non-contact sport.

"Guys are just jerks sometimes, you know? Most of the time nothing plays out, because golfers are pretty soft. But I've seen guys do stuff that if it happened in an NFL or NBA locker room, there'd be fists thrown," Hennessey quoted Dufner as saying. "He [Sabbatini] just rubs everyone the wrong way."

Dufner also chatted about the affectionate fanny pat he gave his wife Amanda as he left the 18th green on Sunday.

"Yeah," Dufner said, "I grabbed her butt."

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