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Michelle Wie unveils her latest weird putting stance

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Michelle Wie has tried a variety of ways to get the ball in the hole on the green, so her most recent effort, done with tongue firmly implanted in cheek, should come as no surprise to fans of the Big Wiesy.

Jonathan Ferrey

Michelle Wie has taken a lot of guff over the rather odd way she swings at putts -- even though bending over from the waist into a "tabletop" position has helped the two-time LPGA Tour winner dramatically improve her efforts on the greens.

Wie, who showed off a pretty good driving motion from Phil Mickelson’s southpaw perspective, could not care less what anyone says about her rather unorthodox method, which has evolved over the years from anchored belly bats and claw grips to her current stance.

"A lot of people have talked about my putting stance or whatnot, but I honestly don't care how I look as long as I make putts," Wie told reporters during the Solheim Cup in August. "I think that you walk up to any professional golfer and you tell them ‑‑ give them a choice between looking cool and making putts, and I'm pretty sure everyone's going to say, 'making putts.'"

Wie suggested that naysayers check out her stats with the flat stick that she maneuvers with an even flatter back, which have, indeed, "gotten a lot better." In 2012, the 24-year-old Stanford grad was ranked 119th in both putts per green in regulation and putting average; last year she came in 25th and 53rd, respectively.

So Wie pays no attention to observers whose sacroiliacs ache just watching the 6'1 former prodigy hunch over the ball, and she’s confident enough in her skills to goof on them and herself, as she proved via Twitter on Wednesday.

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