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Phil Mickelson fires footballs into rowdy Phoenix Open crowd at 16th hole

The world's best lefty golfer once again shows off his solid right arm with the football.

Sam Greenwood

Phil Mickelson flinging a football isn't really a new thing, but engaging the crowd at the par-3 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale with giveaways is a bit of a departure for the Phoenix fan favorite. During Saturday's third round, Mickelson, who kinda has a cannon for a 40-something "athlete," whipped a series of Arizona State footballs into the rowdy grandstands surrounding the famous hole.

Mickelson, who does pretty much everything besides playing golf with his right hand, planned the bit of crowd interaction with his brother, the current head golf coach at ASU. Here's video via GolfChannel:

It seemed like a cool idea, but it sounds like we won't see Phil do anything like it going forward. That's because this sideshow occurred during a preposterous double bogey on what was playing as a pretty easy pitch-and-putt par-3. Mickelson said after the round that he lost focus of his golf game just thinking about the football stunt in the holes before he arrived at the raucous arena at No. 16.

That's too bad, because Mickelson is one of the better golfers when it comes to dealing with the fans. He wasn't going to win this week anyways, so this was a cool moment in the constantly entertaining scene that is the 16th hole at TPC Scottsdale.

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