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Henrik Stenson just hit the worst shank you'll ever see on the PGA Tour

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Wooooooo, boy this is bad. SB Nation's GIF Tournament V

Henrik Stenson is currently the No. 3 player in the world, but he just hit the worst shot of the season, a total shank that any weekend chop could hit on his worst day.

Standing over his ball on the second hole, just 138 yards out from the green, Stenson presumably pulled a wedge that you would think he would stick close. At the very least, the Swede, who finished 2013 as the best player on the planet, would get it on the putting surface. Instead, he rocketed his ball right into some junk on the other side of the cart path:

That's a startlingly bad shot for a low-teens handicapper, a tour pro, and especially one of the best in the world. Here's the slo-mo of the moment of impact from Golf Channel's broadcast:

You could really only laugh, especially at the "UGHHH" and "OHHH" reactions from Terry Gannon and Frank Nobilo.

Stenson is a renowned hothead, and while we laugh, he's probably running a little hot right at the start of his week at Doral. In the first event of the season at Kapalua, I saw Scott Brown hit what I thought would be the worst shank of the year, but given the wedge and distance, Stenson's is way worse.

PGA Tour pros: They're just like us!