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Sergio Garcia almost falls in a sand trap, laughter ensues

Everyone's favorite punching bag desperately avoids a tumble into the beach.

Sergio Garcia is often the subject of hostile and mocking quips, and we almost had some wonderful material to add to the library of Sergio schadenfreude. The Spaniard was trying to get out of Bubba Watson's way down in Amen Corner at the 11th green, and nearly backed into a greenside bunker. Even though Garcia didn't go all the way, his desperate attempt to avoid the tumble was funny enough to share:


Let's watch it again, from another angle:


Juuuuuust missed it. After that near brush with infamy, Garcia did go on to make a birdie on the hole to get to 3-over for the tournament.

Garcia was a trendy favorite to win this week, given his current form and the absence of his usual foil, Tiger Woods. But he has not been a factor through his first 27 holes. Unless there's an implosion coming into the house, he should be safely inside the cut line but we have yet to see him play up to the pre-tournament predictions.

Update: Here we are looped, fly away, Sergio, fly away.


a h/t to the great Adam Sarson for bringing this to our attention