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Thomas Bjorn shot his ball in the wrong hole at the Masters

This should still count for something.

Harry How

Thomas Bjorn is playing the best golf of his life, going through a rejuvenating stretch at age 43 and contending regularly at the biggest events in the world. But it's still a surprise to see him so high up the leaderboard late on Saturday at the Masters.

Bjorn momentarily held a share of the lead with Bubba Watson, but found some trouble with water at No. 13. Then at the 14th, the Dane took aim at the wrong hole, opting to put his ball in the cup on the back of the green -- not the one with the flagstick in it. Even though the Augusta sprinkler heads have a sliiiightly larger diameter that the hole, this should still count for something.


That's some impressive accuracy and ball-striking with the irons, Mr. Bjorn.

(He'd obviously get relief and go on to make a tidy little par to stay on the first page of the leaderboard and inside the top 10.)