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Another reason why you should root for Miguel Angel Jimenez

The Spaniard gregariously congratulates his playing competitor after an amazing par-saving putt.

Rob Carr

We've chronicled why we'd love to see Miguel Angel Jimenez win the Masters. Well, the "most interesting golfer in the world" hasn't been able to get anything going on Sunday at the Masters, falling back to 1-under. But his playing partner, Rickie Fowler, is doing well enough at 3-under. Fowler had a ridiculously long and winding putt on the back of the ninth green just for par, and it somehow came around the bend and dropped in the cup.

Jimenez, who's trying to beat Fowler, was just happy to see a crazy shot go in the hole. The grinning Spaniard strode across the green to offer his competitor his congratulations:


Getting a high-five from Miguel Angel Jimenez would be a highlight in most golfer's lives. Whatever happens to Fowler from here on out, he can take solace in the fact that he did something to gain the admiration of the most interesting golfer in the world.