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Phil Mickelson loses bet with Augusta Masters patron, doesn't carry small bills to pay up

Phil Mickelson has become the most beloved superstar at Augusta, and on Tuesday he relayed his latest amusing story of fan interaction and practice round gambling.

Rob Carr

Phil Mickelson, a notorious gambler out on the golf course, took the bait of an Augusta National patron during Tuesday's Masters practice round. This is Phil's favorite week of the year, and he was in his element Tuesday afternoon throughout his session with the press, during which we learned of a lost $1 bet while he was out practicing with Jason Dufner, Dustin Johnson and Rickie Fowler.

Apparently Mickelson put a ball just off the green at the par-3 sixth hole, and a fan just outside the ropes bet the three-time Masters winner that he could not get up and down. Mickelson is, of course, perhaps the best short-game player in the history of golf, but reports from the course and this photo indicate that the patron won the bet:

The lost dollar was the first shocking development of the week for FIGJAM.

Phil was asked about the bet during his press conference, and he reviewed the details.

Masters ‘Scripting’

"He was mouthing off -- 'hard shot, get this up-and-down, no chance' -- blah, blah, blah. And it wasn't that hard a shot and I should have gotten it up and down. And I did hit a good shot. I had a 7-footer straight up hill and I had to pay him."

When asked whether he carried small bills, Mickelson responded, "I had to get a five from a caddy because no, I don't."

Mickelson is renowned for putting lots of cash on the line in nearly every non-competitive round he plays, particularly during practice loops. He added another quip when asked about the value of mentoring younger players during practice sessions

"Mentoring or wagering, either way you want to look at it."

It sounds like Fowler and Phil took some money off Dustin and Dufner thanks to a hot streak from young Rickie. All the wagering talk just reinforced how much Phil seems to enjoy the week at Augusta, whether it's interacting with the fans or BS'ing with the media.