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Keegan Bradley will wear replica Jordan 11 golf spikes at the Masters

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This might be a golf apparel story actually worth fawning over.

So our own Emily Kay published a piece on the surge of "scripting," the increasingly popular practice of apparel and equipment companies releasing the outfits their players will wear from head-to-toe all four days at major tournaments. I completely agree with Emily that the pub these efforts are getting is annoying, but these here are too cool not to highlight.

Keegan Bradley, a friend of Michael Jordan and often his playing partner, has been wearing Jordan Brand golf shoes for some time now. The designs are sometimes cool, sometimes ugly. But these golf spikes, replicas of the Jordan XI basketball shoes, also known as Concords, are amazing. These other companies can just stop releasing the new ideas they're rolling out for the Masters, Keegan Bradley has won.

There are also some Masters green Jordan golf shoes that Bradley will likely wear this week.

One would assume the Concords will never be released to the peasant masses in large quantities, if at all. But this is still one of the coolest golf apparel/equipment items in years.