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Whiny Bubba Watson blasts fans, media on his way out of the British Open

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Bubba Watson goes off on an extended anti-media, woe-is-me rant after likely missing the cut at the British Open.

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Bubba Watson’s parting shots at the media on his way back to the alternate reality in which the two-time Masters champion resides after a short stay at the British Open was a reminder that it’s often better if athletes just shut up and play.

Indeed, the way Watson, who finished two rounds at 4-over, with the projected cut line at 2-over, blasted those who coo about him as well as take him to task for his yahoo-ism and seemed to indicate that his stay in the U.K. was about as much fun as his travels in France a couple of years ago.

After posting a second-round even-par 72 on Friday, which followed an opening 76, Watson took issue with reporters’ questions about the temper tantrum he threw on Thursday when spectators roaming freely across Hoylake threatened to mess with his increasingly fragile peace of mind.

"There was about 40 people in our fairway, inside the ropes with cameramen, and I don't know, some other people and a bunch of other people," Watson complained about the situation during his initial 18 holes at Royal Liverpool, situated in the home of the Beatles (you know, Paul McCartney's former backup band), about whom Bubba professed total ignorance.

"It makes it tough for me, because I lose focus real fast for me," said Watson, as divisive a personality as you'll find in sports and who’s no stranger to blowing up and blaming others for his woes. "But there was no phone problem, there was no fan problem. It was just all on me. I didn't stay focused, didn't stay committed to what I was doing and it cost me dearly."

The pestering by the press about Thursday’s events did not amuse the tightly wound winner of six PGA Tour events.

"There's not been one positive thing," he said about the media coverage he brings on himself as one of the most polarizing golfers in the game today. "I'm waiting on that one. Then I'll start reading."

Twitter loved that one.

His next comment elicited additional hoots and hollers from those following the proceeding on social media.

"I don’t read anything but I know it’s all negative," he said.

As for Watson’s comments about the crowds, playing partner Phil Mickelson was having none of it, terming the fans inside the ropes as part of "just a different culture."

Now that’s a subject Watson may want to catch up on with some reading. Until then, bon voyage, Bubba.