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Golf ball launched into British Open crowd by Rory McIlroy now up for auction

When Rory McIlroy won the Open Championship, he rocketed his ball into the crowd. As you might expect, that ball has now appeared up for auction online.

Ian Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

When Rory McIlroy completed the third leg of his career grand slam at the British Open, the method of celebration he opted for was the launching of a golf ball into the grandstands. We've seen players throw their putters, forget about their golf ball and run to their caddies, and also just break down with their feet stuck in concrete after their final putt rolled into the cup. But tossing your ball into the crowd is nothing new either.

But that Nike ball has resurfaced less than two weeks after Rory heaved it into the Royal Liverpool crowd. It's now up for auction, and it's already jumped from a starting point of $1,000 to more than $4,000 so far. You'll be happy to know that McIlroy's custom ball is stamped with "Rors" -- one of those nicknames that's uncreative while also being no shorter than the actual name. (Photos and auction info via


Lee Horner, a decidedly British name, is the man from Leeds who originally caught it. Nike confirmed that RZN Black is the one that McIlroy rolled in on the 18th green for his two-shot victory. Personally, I'd prefer the ball that Sergio bankshotted off the grandstand for a lucky par, kissed, and then whipped into that same grandstand that provided the fortunate bounce.

This ball has a more storied history than President Obama's lost golf ball, but this one will cost you.