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Bubba Watson cursing, having meltdown in the rain at Valhalla

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Bubba Watson is the only golfer who has ever had to play in the rain.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

If you're just tuning in to the PGA Championship, it's raining at Valhalla Golf Club. This was expected and in the forecast, and the course was soaked by 8 a.m. on Friday.

But Bubba Watson is having a meltdown, struggling to adjust to the conditions as apparently the only golfer ever who has had to play in the rain. It started in the middle of his first nine, when he was heard exclaiming to his caddie, Ted Scott, that he had "nothing."

This comment, mind you, came as Bubba was 2-under for the day and had yet to make a bogey. He moved 23 spots up the leaderboard and was just outside the top 10. And yet he had "no chance" to play well in these conditions. That's what flew after a bit of a wild tee shot at the 17th hole.

All that and he still made a nice up-and-down par. One commentator remarked, "All three guys got the same score. Two are smiling and one seems unhappy. I'll let you figure that out."

Bubba's frustrations hit a highpoint at the 18th, however, when he bombed a drive wide right and into a water hazard. The hole is an easy par-5 chance for birdie or even eagle for a long hitter like Bubba. Unless it's raining, which makes it impossible to play golf. Bubba was so exasperated, he even like some Tiger-like curses fly, which, despite all his whiny outbursts, you never hear from the two-time Masters champ.

Kyle Porter of CBS picked it up on video.

Knowing the reputation he already has, it's still surprising to see this on every hole from Bubba. It's like he's parodying himself. He said earlier this week that he turned the Internet off, so maybe he doesn't realize this is actually mic'd up and streamed online before TNT comes on the air in the afternoon?

Even after that wayward drive into the water, he had a short putt for par to stay in good shape. He pulled it for his first bogey of the day, but that dropped shot wasn't a result of the rain.

A larger, more concerning point for some non-Bubba fans is that he leads the points standings for the US Ryder Cup team and will be one of the top guys Tom Watson is relying on at Gleneagles. He's done so much this year to open himself up to fan critiques and heckling on U.S. soil, I can't imagine things will go well behind enemy lines in a match play competition.

It's not been a good 10 days or so for Tom and the US Ryder Cup chances.

UPDATE: Here's a comment from McIlroy on how he handled Friday with Bubba: