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No. 1 ranked Stacy Lewis horrendously tops golf shot at Evian Championship

Gahhhh, this is one of the worst shots you'll ever see from the No. 1 player in the world.

Stuart Franklin

There have been a lot of awful golf shots this year. We'e seen horrific shanks, slices, chunks, and whiffs. But we haven't had enough of the LPGA in the mix. Well, now Stacy Lewis has contributed to the 2014 library.

Lewis is the No. 1 ranked women's golfer in the world. She's an incredible talent who would whoop 99 percent of the world's golfers. So it makes easy for us to poke fun at her after this ghastly top from the middle of the fairway at the Evian Championship.

Duff'd it. (h/t to NoLayingUp)

Everything we know about Lewis and have seen from her in the past would indicate that she'll have a little perspective about this embarrassing moment and make fun of herself when it's all over. She is, after all, the best female golfer in the world. But this was part of a 2-over round of 73 that dropped her to 3-under and tied for 10th at the LPGA's fifth and final major of the season. We're guessing she probably doesn't want to talk about it this weekend. Bu thanks for momentarily making us feel better about all our awful games.