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Steve Williams out as Adam Scott's caddie

Now that Steve Williams is a free agent, might the Kiwi hook back up with his old boss, Tiger Woods, for one more go at Jack Nicklaus’ majors record? Nah, Stevie’s intent on retiring, which may be why he and Adam Scott broke up.

Andy Lyons

Steve Williams may be driving off into retirement sooner than expected, as an announcement came Wednesday morning that Tiger Woods’ former caddie was now also Adam Scott’s ex.

Williams, who stalked the fairways with Woods for 13 years and was by his side for 13 of his 14 major titles, guided Scott to his 2013 Masters win.


The outspoken 50-year-old looper had planned to reduce his schedule next year and it’s possible that his former employer was unhappy with that plan, as he suggested to the New York Times’ Karen Crouse just a few days ago.

"We've talked about it and he'll caddie every tournament on the PGA Tour for me," Scott said. "I don't know if that's part time."

Not to Williams, it wasn’t.

"I'm definitely not going to caddie full time. I've 100 percent made my mind up on that. At some point in time, there are more important things," said Williams.

Scott and his bagman both released statements on the split, Stevie saying, "After discussing this in detail with Adam it became evident that my plan was not going to fit with Adam's requirements and so we decided to end our partnership."

The breakup sounded far more friendly than the 2011 divorce between Williams and Woods. "Steve has been an integral part of my team in a period where I have fulfilled some of my lifetime golfing goals," Scott said in a statement. "His dedication and professionalism have been without question, and his friendship is highly valued. Our priorities are stages of life are different now, and so we decided that this is the best time to end our partnership."

Williams, a racing aficionado who plans to spend more time with his fast cars, left the door open for a return to the PGA Tour under certain conditions.

"If the right opportunity arose I would consider caddying on a part-time basis in the future," said Williams, who took Scott’s bag in 2011 after Woods handed him his walking papers.

In any case, the split between Williams and Scott sparked immediate speculation about a possible reunion between Williams and Woods, who is currently on an injury-related hiatus and without a swing coach since firing Sean Foley last month. Might the former world No. 1, who flailed through his worst season as a pro before calling it quits for the year after missing the cut at the PGA Championship be shaking up Team Tiger and in the market for a caddie who knows his game almost as well as he knows himself?

If what Williams had to say to Crouse recently is accurate, that scenario seems highly unlikely but crazier things have happened in the soap opera that is the Tiger-Stevie relationship.

"It’s disappointing," Williams complained about the lack of communication from the 14-time major champion. "I caddied for the guy for 13 years, put my heart and soul into it, and there’s been no correspondence at all." Let's not bank on the freeze between those two ending any time soon.