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Watch Sergio Garcia hideously yank his drive into woods

Sergi-nope. Thank god for pro-tracer capturing this shot.

Some people like having the newish pro-tracer technology at these golf events because it beautifully displays the trajectory and movement these world class pros put on the ball. That's nice, but the real payoff is when a player completely slices or yanks a shot. This Sergio Garcia pull-hook out-of-bounds and into the woods will make you yelp and then giggle with delight. And the pro-tracer is what makes it all possible.

We've seen it all from Sergio so far today. He's holed out from bunkers to keep up his role as Ryder Cup pest, and then also blown short little bunny putts with his patented major championship "Sergio Stroke." He made a mess of the closing stretch to help give away that critical match to the USA at the end of morning four-ball, but this ghastly drive is about the best Sergio schadenfreude you'll get all Cup. Keep it open and watch it for the rest of the weekend.