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Team Europe holds boozy, hilarious post Ryder Cup win press conference

Champagne, jokes, and songs -- this is how you have fun taking questions from the media.

We've already chronicled how awkward, nasty, and tense the press conference was for the American team. The joint press conference for Europe was a bit more lighthearted and fun.

The tone was set early by Jamie Donaldson, who rode Thomas Bjorn into the media center, slapping him on the ass like a horse.

From there, it was all fun and games.

Sergio Garcia laughed and joked with his teammates within earshot of a hot mic. Garcia also fired off a quip on the Nick Faldo mess from earlier in the weekend. Everyone made fun of Paul McGinley's vest. It had to be tough on the transcriber, but he did his best.

STEPHEN GALLACHER: He wears a vest (laughter).
SERGIO GARCÍA: Come on, it has been --
PAUL McGINLEY: It's been cold out there hanging around on a cart. I don't understand, most of us wear vests don't we, nowadays?
LEE WESTWOOD: To be fair, they were more Spanx than a vest. (Laughter). (Players singing, 'Paul McGinley wears a vest.')
PAUL McGINLEY: I saw Rory wearing a vest when it was cold one day.
RORY McILROY: It had sleeves.
JUSTIN ROSE: If you're under 40, it's called compression.
JAMIE DONALDSON: It wasn't a wife beater. (Laughter).

Lee Westwood, the most veteran member of the team one of the most successful Euros in history, seemed to be enjoying himself the most.

Westwood was having a lot of fun, but didn't field a ton of questions. He did, however, add this non-verbal line to the official press conference transcript.

LEE WESTWOOD: (Not-so-discreetly popping bottle of champagne and sending cork flying) . Sorry (Laughter).


LEE WESTWOOD: (Popping another bottle of champagne) (laughter).

That isn't the latest incredible Westwood addition to an official press conference transcript. In 2012 at Medinah, this line appeared:

LEE WESTWOOD: (Making siren noises.)

So yes, the Euros know how to have a good press conference after a win.