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Ernie Els autographs golf fan's leg next to world's only Ernie Els tattoo

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What's the most random tattoo you can think of? Did you contemplate a giant homage to golfer Ernie Els on someone's calf?

Part of the reason Ernie Els is called the "Big Easy" is because he's decidedly uncontroversial and uninspiring. He just cooly saunters around the course playing world class golf, rarely flinching or expressing emotion. So it's hard to imagine that he could stir anyone to the point of getting nice big Ernie Els tattoo on his/her leg, but that's apparently what one fan at the BMW Championship in Denver showed up with on Wednesday.

The evidence from Ernie's swing coach, Claude Harmon III, son of Butch Harmon:

Now this tattoo could be something more than an homage to Mr. Els. The "Big Easy" reference was ambiguous, and the profile of a golfer hitting a ball off into what appears to be some desert landscape is not identifiably Els. Curious, I asked Harmon on Twitter what exactly was going on here, and he responded that this was, in fact, an Ernie Els tattoo and that now the fan planned to have the autograph tattoo'ed in too.

So there's apparently someone out in Colorado so driven to supporting Ernie Els that he has a giant tattoo in his honor, and now the man's autograph, on his right calf. I've now concluded that the PGA Tour should stop in Denver more often.