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A ram wanders onto the golf course at Humana Challenge

Don't mind the rams patrolling the course in Palm Springs.

Bighorn sheep sightings aren't extremely rare at the Humana Challenge, with a significant population around the event's three courses in the Palm Springs area. But this ram wandered directly into the sightline of Brendan Steele, who was fighting for elbow room at the top of the leaderboard at the time.

The ram seemed undeterred by the golf tournament going on around him, only momentarily bringing his head up to look around when Steele made contact with the ball. Then it was right back to munching on some turf. Moments later, a relative lorded over the 17th tee at the PGA West Palmer Course.

On occasion, however, they even aid the players, such as this benevolent ram that helped Kyle Reifers line up his putt on a green the animal obviously knows well at his home course.

Photo via USA TODAY

The ram is a strong early leader in the 2015 golf animal rankings. Last year, we encountered golf ottergolf turtlegolf gatorgolf pheasantgolf foxgolf beargolf doggolf squirrel, and golf baboon. So here's hoping for another strong golf animal season.