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Tiger Woods booed at Phoenix Open, skulls sand shot into crowd on purpose?

Tiger gets the treatment from the 16th hole crowd after missing the green, and then sends one into the grandstands.

Even the greatest player of a generation, the biggest money maker in the game, can't escape the booing at TPC Scottsdale's famous 16th hole. Tiger Woods, making his first appearance at the Phoenix Open in 14 years, missed the green at the loudest par-3 in golf during Wednesday's pro-am. The crowd was almost at its 20k capacity for this simple exhibition day, and they still gave it to him for failing to hit the target and putting it in the bunker.

Woods then rocketed one from the sand trap right into the grandstands that surround the entire hole. Golf Channel's Tiger Tracker said it was on purpose.

Buuuuut that's debatable. It sure flew into the stands at speed and it looked like a pretty standard skull from the sand.

Tiger does seem to be embracing the circus on the 16th. The next four days will be fun to watch.

h/t Eye on Golf