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NFL kicker who ridiculed Tiger Woods is cut after his own case of the yips

Josh Scobee may be remembered more for his karma-esque Twitter taunt of Tiger Woods than for his career as an NFL placekicker.

Tiger Woods was playing so badly back in February that then-Jacksonville Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee challenged the struggling superstar, via Twitter, to a high-stakes golf game.

With Woods fresh off a missed cut in Phoenix and an early, glutes-related withdrawal from Torrey Pines, Scobee -- a +3.2 handicap golfer -- suggested Woods meet him at San Jose Country Club for a $100,000-per-hole match. The kicker, however, was that the Squire Creek CC member would give Tiger two strokes per side. The tweet is gone but everything on the Internet lasts forever (via


Well, it looks as if Scobee will have plenty of time to practice up for that tilt with golf’s former world No. 1 after his most recent employer, the Pittsburgh Steelers, released him after his terrible start to the season went from bad to worse last week.

Woods’ chipping woes last year became such a thing that Scobee could not help poking fun at the 14-time major champion. But what goes around comes around, and Scobee’s kicking yips went global during Thursday Night Football’s nationally televised contest between the Steelers and the Ravens.

Scobee missed two field goals in the fourth quarter of a loss to Baltimore, which gave him a 3-of-7 mark on FGs beyond 40 yards this year. And that’s after he missed two field goals in the NFL season-opener against New England and an extra point against the 49ers the following week.

Scobee apparently deleted his Twitter account following Thursday night’s debacle, but we’ll leave you with some words of wisdom he shared after playing himself into a five-shot cushion at the American Century Golf Championship in July.

"Being a kicker, it is kind of like kicking a football," Scobee told the South Lake Tahoe News. "You have to take each thing individually and focus on that one thing and not try to get anything clogged in your head and play your game."

Scobee went on to blow the lead in the final round and ended up in third.

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