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Michael Jordan is so fed up at his country club that he may build his own golf course

Even one of the most exclusive clubs in Florida might be too overcrowded for Michael Jordan, who is so sick of slow play that he may just build his own golf course.

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Michael Jordan, fed up with the pace of play at the Bear's Club near his South Florida home, may build his own private course with a small membership down the road, according to a report from

It's common knowledge that Jordan is an obsessive golfer, playing almost every day and always for money. The Bear's Club is where Jordan plays the most, and usually with other celebrities and PGA Tour pros, like Keegan Bradley. But when he does play, he's not exactly deliberate over every shot -- he wants to zoom through the course and expects folks to let him play through. And according to this report's sources, that expectation is not always being met:

"Michael likes to play fast and he can't stand it when people won't let him through," said a golf-industry insider who knows Jordan and who has spoken with several Bear's Club's members. "That happens enough out there that he's gotten fed up."

The same source tells that Jordan has secured an option on a plot of land in nearby Hobe Sound, with ideas on building his own private course with an extremely limited and exclusive membership, approved specifically by MJ.

Michael Jordan's new golf course

This area in South Florida has become concentrated with clubs overflowing with famous people and the top golfers in the world. Both Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods have moved into the area in recent years. The Bear's Club and Medalist, where Woods plays and is reportedly trying to sort out the mess that is his swing right now, are some of the most popular among the high rollers.

McIlroy is Jordan's fellow member at Bear's Club, along with other pros like Michelle Wie, Ernie Els and Jumpman ambassador Bradley. The place is not exactly open to the peasant masses and overcrowded, but Jordan still sounds upset with the people getting in his way. A source relays that, in addition to the well-known tales about gambling and constant trash talk, Jordan wants to play his rounds in under three hours and if he's playing with people he knows, "He will not even wait. He'll drive up to the green as you're back in the fairway hitting."

Former PGA Tour pro Brad Faxon has reviewed the land and says in the report that it would "take a lot of work" to develop a high-caliber course on the sandy plot. But one would imagine Jordan isn't too concerned about expenses, and the report cites top course architect Tom Doak as the man MJ wants for the project.

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