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Nike unveils new ‘LeBronold Palmer’ shoes

Nike honors Arnold Palmer and LeBron James with its newest entry to the ‘LeBronold Palmer’ squad.

Jack Nicklaus may be the master of his frozen dessert domain, but Arnold Palmer’s added another sultan to his empire.

Nike has concocted some new kicks pairing the unlikely duo of The King’s signature half-lemonade/half-iced tea Arnold Palmer beverage with King James’ low-rider LeBron 12s. The result is a colorful brew of mango and lime to go with the previously released neon orange and bright green.

James previewed the colorful newest member of the "LeBronold Palmer" lineup during NBA All-Star weekend to rave reviews. Retailers will make them available next week for fans of the winner of seven grand slam events and two-time hoops champ, according to Sole Collector’s Brendan Dunne.

In addition to what Dunne noted was a newly tooled look for the Lows, the footgear’s ‘Arnold Palmer’ logo on the back will definitely catch your eye -- for $200 a pair, coming to a Foot Locker near you on March 1.