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PGA Tour players poll reveals nobody likes Bubba Watson

The defending Masters champ remains one of the Tour's most polarizing players.

For close observers of the PGA Tour, this should not come as much of a surprise. When 103 PGA Tour players were asked who, from their peers, they wouldn't help in a hypothetical parking lot fist fight, Bubba Watson was the runaway winner.

Bubba has long been a controversial figure on the Tour. He's got the funny name and often appears gregarious in different promotional items, but he's been among the grumpiest and frostiest players out there in recent years. There have been numerous public run-ins with spectators and a few with fellow players. So when ESPN prompted 103 players about this fight, it was Bubba in No. 1 over Patrick Reed by a good measure.

Not the best of news to start the week for the Masters defending champ, but at this point he's probably not going to change much about how he comports himself. The underlying surliness came to a head last year at the PGA Championship, when Bubba moaned and complained about a practice round long drive contest for charity and then cursed his way through a round impacted by rain (although following Bubba, you'd think he was the only one getting poured on).

ESPN conducted the poll throughout the 2015 first quarter on the PGA Tour.  On top of the fight club topic, pros were also asked about whether Tiger will win another major and whether Rory will complete the career slam this week. A surprising number think Tiger's not done yet at the majors.


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