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This Bubba Watson circus putt shows how extreme the 2015 U.S. Open greens will get

There will be plenty of ways to get it in the hole at Chambers Bay, including no-look putts from a mile away.

Next week's U.S. Open is dropping into a venue completely unique in the 115-year history of the national championship.

It's the first time the U.S. Open will head to the Pacific Northwest, but the course may play more like a British Open. Chambers Bay is just eight years old, a former sand quarry with just one tree on the property. The greens are one of the defining characteristics of the track. They're all enormous, have plenty of mounds and extreme slopes, and have certain quadrants that make a putt almost impossible to get close to the hole.

USGA executive director Mike Davis has said players will need multiple practice rounds to understand the course. And it appears Bubba Watson is out there early figuring out all the different routes he can take up on those greens. If there's anyone who would try to do this in actual competition next week, it's probably Bubba.