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Tiger Woods slips and falls on his butt to start his Friday at the U.S. Open

Another opening bogey to start a round for Tiger Woods also featured further embarrassment while on an expedition to find his golf ball.

There have been several indignities suffered by Tiger Woods just 24 hours into the U.S. Open. He ended Thursday topping a ball into the turf in one of the more embarrassing sequences in this embarrassing stretch of his career.

Friday did not start much better. Woods missed the fairway again on his first hole, and went off exploring on one of the many fescue hillsides here at Chambers Bay. And Tiger bit it right in front of the cameras -- another insult on the way to a bogey at his first hole.

We're in for another long day at Chambers Bay, and any delusions of a run at making the cut should be buried with that slip and fall and opening bogey.


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