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Phil Mickelson reportedly transferred $2.75 million to illegal gambling operation

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He is not facing charges or under investigation.

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Phil Mickelson was reportedly a "gambling client" and transferred $2.75 million to a man who was part of an illegal gambling operation, according to a report from Outside the Lines. Mickelson is not facing any charges and is not under investigation.

According to the report and court documents, in 2010 a "gambling client" -- which OTL reports was Mickelson --  transferred $2.75 million to Gregory Silveira, who was "acting as a conduit for an offshore gambling operation." The money was set to be used as part of "illegal sports betting" according to court documents. Silveira transferred the money between his accounts three times, which led to charges and him reaching a plea agreement to money laundering. Mickelson was not named in any court documents, but original court documents had a reference to a "P.M." and OTL confirmed through two sources that the client was indeed Mickelson.

Despite his reported ties to the case, Mickelson is not under investigation and ESPN legal analyst Lester Munson does not expect that to change. Munson notes that federal gambling laws are directed at the gambling enterprises and not the actual bettors. According to Munson, Mickelson could have been charged with conspiracy to launder his money, but without proof he was involved in that aspect, any charges are unlikely.

The fact Mickelson has reported ties to a sports gambling operation is not much of a surprise. OTL reports Mickelson has previously won large sums betting on major sporting events in Las Vegas. Also, his gambling on the golf course is the stuff of legend -- whether it's with other players during practice rounds or a $1 bet with a patron at Augusta, Mickelson is notorious for being involved in the action.

Although it doesn't appear likely Mickelson will face any charges, this is the second time in recent years he's had at least some reported ties to an investigation. He was previously one of three people involved in an FBI investigation into insider trading.