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Shaquille O’Neal whiffs and nearly falls over to start his PGA Tour pro-am

Shaq's first swing at the Greenbrier Classic pro-am results in the breeze blowing the ball an inch off the tee and the big man stumbling considerably farther.

It’s not quite Charles Barkley-esque, but Shaquille O’Neal’s golf swing made an appearance at Wednesday’s Greenbrier Classic pro-am.

Shaq was scheduled to have Greenbrier pro emeritus Lee Trevino on the bag and Keegan Bradley as his PGA Tour playing partner at The Old White TPC. Taking on an NBA big man is standard fare for Bradley, who regularly pads his bank account with practice rounds with Michael Jordan.

Greenbrier owner and tourney chair Jim Justice and his son, Jay, will round out the foursome, though newly crowned Travelers champ Bubba Watson would have been an equally good choice to tee it up with the 7'1 former NBA star.

"He’s a great friend, and his heart is as big as his body," Justice told the Register Herald. "He genuinely cares about people and loves to give back. We’re going to have a ball."

The Bradley-O'Neal-Justice group was set to go at 12:10 p.m. ET.


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