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Graham DeLaet's clubs arrive late to British Open, looking like they sank to the bottom of the ocean

An airline loses a pro's somewhat important luggage for the Open Championship and after a couple days of searching, his bag shows up a complete mess.

Graham DeLaet has spent the first few days of Open Championship week tweeting his displeasure at an airline for losing his most important luggage.

He found a spare set of Titleist sticks to use for a Monday practice round, but it obviously wasn't the custom set that he uses for success on the most competitive Tour in the world. Finally, after what he said was a 54-hour wait, the bag arrived.

Unfortunately, that was tweeted prematurely and DeLaet would soon find that the late arrival was only part of the problem with his clubs.

After 20 minutes of WTF guessing about how his clubs ended up looking like they were dragged across the bottom of the ocean on their way over to Scotland, DeLaet confirmed that the mess was the result of a protein powder explosion.

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