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Can you find John Daly in this year's photo of former British Open champions?

It's not terribly difficult.

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open champs

Photo via @TheOpen

A St. Andrews tradition unlike any other -- former champion golfers gather for a group photo around the 18th green. It's a collection of wealthy men in bespoke attire and traditional colors.

Then there's Open Champion John Daly. The 1995 winner at St. Andrews showed up for Tuesday's photo in a garish red-and-white argyle blazer.

The coat might actually be a step back from what he wore to the 2010 photo at St. Andrews.

(Photo by David Cannon/Getty Images)

Daly was also not hard to spot earlier in the day practicing, where he rolled around in shamrock pants with his Marlboro reds.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

As a former champion, the 49-year-old Daly holds an exemption until he's 60. So we should have more than a decade of JD taking his cuts at golf's oldest and most distinguished major, which is a gift to us all.

UPDATE: A close range shot from Getty reveals that Daly's red-and-white blazer is an homage to the St. Louis Cardinals.


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