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2015 British Open weather forecast: High winds and more rain coming Saturday

More rough weather is expected for the 2015 British Open on Saturday

The weather forecast for Saturday at the 144th British Open will feature more inclement weather. While we may not see as much rain as we did on Friday, we will continue to deal with strong gusty winds. Winds will be strong out of the west between 20 to 30 mph and with gusts of 40 to 45 mph. There is a chance of rain but that will be hit or miss through the morning and into the early afternoon.

Mostly cloudy, and windy with a chance of a passing shower or two. Winds will be out of the west between 20 to 30 mph and gusts over 40 mph. High 62

Less wind is expected but It will remain cloudy to mostly cloudy with just a chance of a passing shower. Winds will not be as strong, as they will be between 5 to 15 mph with a few gusts near 20 mph. Winds will be out of the west-southwest through the day. High 61