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ESPN analyst demonstrates how the wind is actually getting worse at the British Open

Watch what happens when you try to play the 11th green at St. Andrews in these winds.

Riveting stuff, right? Well, these are extreme conditions for championship golf, and ESPN's Dottie Pepper spent much of the morning showing just how unplayable it has become at St. Andrews.

This demonstration occurred out on the 11th green, which is the most exposed putting surface down in the "the loop" at St. Andrews. The wind was steady and around 45 mph when she was out there. With the greens running quick and pins that were set up in high spots to avoid collecting water almost 36 hours ago at the start of the second round on Friday, the balls have no chance on the green.

It's impossible to even pour a cup of water:

Some holes are better than others but if one hole is unplayable, the Championship obviously grinds to a halt. With the winds worse than they were during that controversial restart at 7 a.m., we're still a couple hours, at least, from a resumption of play.

The second round still needs to finish and there are players still on their ninth hole. So, that will take a couple more hours. Then the cut will be made. And then they will start the third round, which may not come until Sunday morning at this point.