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Bubba Watson will miss British Open cut because he tried to putt from a pathway

Bubba ejects on his second-to-last hole, putting from a path with disastrous results that will send him home early.

We've seen players hit shots backwards off the stone wall that lines the famous 17th road hole, so we're used to getting some unique and wild circumstances up around the green. But I can't recall watching a player putt off the stone pathway at the back of that green.

But Bubba Watson appeared to be in DGAF mode at the 17th on Saturday afternoon, and it will cost him two more rounds at the British Open. After he landed up against the wall, Bubba did his best to advance the ball forward but it chunked onto the path still short of the green. From there, he just pulled putter and whacked it through all the junk and thick stuff in between the path and the putting surface. The ball screamed through the green and down the other side.

The play resulted in a triple bogey 7 and he tumbled from 1-over to 4-over and a tie for 116th place. He was dancing around the cut line. The cut line stood at even-par and with a good birdie chance ahead of him at the 18th to get there, Bubba could have made the weekend. But after sitting around 10-plus hours, he decided to eject on the Open Championship with an apathetic mess at the Road Hole.

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