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2015 British Open weather forecast: Rain possible for Monday's final round

Wind and rain forced the British Open to conclude on Monday, but how will the weather impact the final round?

Thanks to high wind and even some heavy rain, the final round of the 144th Open Championship will be played on Monday at the Old Course of St Andrews. Weather has been making headlines all weekend and while rain and even wind will be in the forecast on Monday, it will pale in comparison to what took place Friday and Saturday at St Andrews.

The sky will be cloudy to mostly cloudy all day long. While there's a small chance of a shower in the morning, the best chance for light rain is towards the afternoon during the final few holes. Expect off and on rain showers after midday across the St Andrews area.

Winds will be out of the southeast -- during the morning they will be between 5 to 10 mph gusting up near 15 mph. By the afternoon when the rain showers move in, they will increase to 10 to 20 mph out of the southeast and could gust as high as 25 to 30 mph.

Temperatures will be in the 50s for the bulk of the morning and into the afternoon. The temperature in the afternoon could reach 60. For those curious, Celsius temperatures will range from 13 to 15 degrees.